VIP Philosophy

Our investment focus is on areas where we can add value, especially in difficult market conditions: Owner-managed funds and companies, and undervalued stock situations, including smaller capitalised companies – particularly those trading on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) where we have particular expertise.

The VIP philosophy has been a key contributor to our AIM Portfolio Performance.

The aim of our VIP philosophy is to provide measured capital growth over the medium to longer term by investing in collective funds and individual shares where the fund manager or other key individuals at senior management or board level, have themselves taken a substantial personal stake.

From our observation and experience, we firmly believe that those with a clear vested interest in the way their fund and their company perform are significantly more likely to deliver a vital performance edge for our clients over the longer term.

Does it work?

Please click here to see examples of the performance frequently delivered by some of our favoured VIP investments, that have been core holdings for many of our clients over the years.

Rather than just take our word for it, have a quick look at what the financial press has had to say.

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