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Our discretionary management portfolio service is designed to create opportunities that are right for you in reaching your financial goals throughout the different stages of your life.

No one person’s objectives are the same. Neither are our investment solutions.

By actively managing your money, we will create the flexibility to adapt to what you tell us are your financial priorities. We will discuss these with you in detail at the outset. These may evolve over the longer term in line with the suitability framework we offer, or it may be that your objectives are better met from one of our 3 specialist options below.

You will have a dedicated investment manager who will use his discretionary mandate to make the decisions on what to buy and sell from a wide investment universe and within a robust risk framework.

Over time, we expect your circumstances to change which is why we treat the management of your money as very much an evolutionary process - adjusted around different variables such as market and economic factors, but always with your needs and circumstances, and your risk tolerance at the core.

All investments carry an element of risk which cannot be fully eliminated. The value of investments go down as well as up and you may not get back the original amount invested.

Portfolio Choices

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Over time, we expect your circumstances to change. This is why we treat the management of your money as very much an evolutionary process which will be adjusted around the different variables at any one time.

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Income Uplift

An enhanced income stream, comfortably ahead of rates available on cash deposits, is a high priority for many investors in the current low-interest environment.

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All Weather

For some clients, the priority is to reduce the impact of the volatility inherent in financial markets, for a greater chance of positive returns independent of market cycles.

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Over many years, we have used our expertise to build a measurably strong track record of investing in the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) and other small company stocks.


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