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Over time, we expect your circumstances to change. This is why we treat the management of your money as very much an evolutionary process which will be adjusted around the different variables at any one time.

Variables such as market and economic conditions may require an adjustment in our funds and stock selection or geographical spread in order to maintain a sufficiently diversified portfolio.

Your needs and circumstances and your risk tolerance always remain at the core. Where these change, we actively look at whether any changes in strategy would be better suited to you. It is entirely what you are comfortable with. The level of risk that might have suited you earlier on in your working life is likely to shift with career advancement, the development of your own business or family commitments. Planning for retirement may switch the dial from a focus on growth to an investment strategy that blends capital growth with greater income generation.

It is your investment manager’s job to monitor the portfolio and to take these changes into account in order to achieve the outcome you are looking for.

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Income Uplift

An enhanced income stream, comfortably ahead of rates available on cash deposits, is a high priority for many investors in the current low-interest environment.

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All Weather

For some clients, the priority is to reduce the impact of the volatility inherent in financial markets, for a greater chance of positive returns independent of market cycles.

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Over many years, we have used our expertise to build a measurably strong track record of investing in the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) and other small company stocks.


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